Emergency Response Exercises

Training is the most effective way to enhance your skills. At Safe Response we see the necessity to run realistic training that creates the most realistic atmosphere possible. Doing this lowers stress to first responders and enhances your capability to react.

We can create a number of Emergency Response Exercises that utilise:

– Wrecked vehicles
– Confined Space Rescues
– Mass casualties situations
– Talk to our team about how we can assist and package response exercises for your workplace.

Moulage Simulations is the application of simulated wounds to casualties when training.
It creates a more realistic situation that enables the first responders to accurately assess injuries and make decisions rather than imagining what the complication might be.Our team ensures there is an action plan available to assessors and the injury we use has a clear outcome and training value to your organisation.

  • Work Heath and Safety Act 2011
  • Australian Standard 3745:2010 (Planing for Emergencies in Facilities)
  • Australian Standard 1851:2012 (Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment)
  • Australian Standard 4083:2010 (Planning for Emergencies – Healthcare Facilities)