Evacuation Diagrams

Evacuation diagrams are strictly designed in accordance with your Emergency Planing Consultants. These diagrams are pictorial outlays for workers guests, contractors and others to not only evacuate safely, but to understand important workplace guidance information.

We work in conjunction with draftsman, emergency planners, engineers and other industry professional to ensure your diagrams are the best they can be. You’ll be surprised just how competitive and straight forward our diagrams are.

More than often we find workplaces attempting to do them in-house. In all cases we have found this to be counter producing and has even cost more than the proper products end up costing. This is because it takes staff much more time and energy to construct them.

More often, first responders will examine Evacuation Diagrams to source critical data such as: Fire Hydrants, Electrical Shut-off’s, gas hazards and more. insurance assessors will examine workplace emergency information and assess the liability to pay out.

Get this important information right from the start and talk to us today!

  • Work Heath and Safety Act 2011
  • Australian Standard 3745:2010 (Planing for Emergencies in Facilities)
  • Australian Standard 1851:2012 (Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment)
  • Australian Standard 4083:2010 (Planning for Emergencies – Healthcare Facilities)