Safe Response is an auditing, compliance and training company specialising in Emergency Management. Our workers are current or ex-emergency service personnel including Defence, as we pride ourselves on a realistic and simple approach to your safety.

Without our realism and practicality in the workplace the quality of our efforts would be lost.

Let us show you the right way to keep yourself, your family and your workers safe.

We understand business constraints and limitations, that’s why we have developed systematic learning approaches to keep you and your staff engaged and proactive.

Our friendly consultants, trainers and support staff simply guide you throughout your upgrade to a safer tomorrow.

During your time with our team you will be issued with accreditations outlining your degree of training.

You will be able to log in and see your progress under emergency management guidelines and will have the opportunity to contact one of our safety advisors, consultants and trainers anytime.

Management and training experience

Jesse McNeilly

Founder and Director

Jesse McNeilly is the founder of Safe Response. He has extensive experience in Emergency Management, training, business development and disaster recovery. He has spent over 10 years in the Australian Army as a soldier and has worked around the globe in arduous and challenging situations. Jesse’s experience spreads over many industries including; Industry Firefighting, Safety Auditing, Industrial/Mines Rescue, Private Security (Domestic and International), First Aid and Medical Response.
He now lives in Sydney with his partner and strives to make Safe Response a leading provider of safer outcomes through quality Emergency Management products and services.

Emergency and Defence backgrounds

Liam Harte

Business Partner, Trainer and Medical First Responder

Liam Harte is an indigenous leader and entrepreneur. As an on-road Intensive Care Paramedic with NSW Ambulance Liam is a dedicated professional who seeks to improve public safety. Liam’s background also links back to the Australian Army as an infantry soldier.

With Liam’s extensive business knowledge and indigenous background his safety management experience is to further develop the consultancy opportunities of Safe Response by adding his business experience and corporate stewardship.

Validated and cleared backgrounds

Laura Wells


Laura Wells is our Accounts Manager. With degrees in Law and the Environmental Science Laura is passionate about making a difference. Hr background in sustainability and clients relations ships makes Laura well positioned to manage customer relationships and focus on internal quality management systems of Safe Response. As a Lead Auditor Laura enjoys systematic improvement and implementation.

Annual recertification and upkeep
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Craig Doyle

Business Mentor and program strategist

Craig Doyle is an experienced business coach. As a mentor to hundreds of businesses over many years, Craig has seen a diverse range of challenges, climates and business events. Craig’s passion is in systems and people. As a keen observer and strategist to Safe Response Craig’s relationship is integral to our Board of Management and culture. Craig is well vested to support our planed and stable growth for the future.

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Kirstin Thomas

Office Manager

Kirstin Thomas come from an emergency service background working for the state government is management. Kirstin is dedicated and excited about public safety and making a difference in her community. As our office manager Kirstin wished to grow the business and maintain the very best customer service and quality. Her ability to seek change and adapt to our client needs makes her a true asset to the team.



Business PARTNER, Trainer and Medical First Responder

James is a Medical First Responder within our team and is also in the Australian Army. James is well versed in combat training and fitness and enjoys volunteering and surf live saving in his spare time. James main duties include business development, public events, training and special assignments to maintain a safe environment.

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Tradesman and Technician

Greg is an alarm and technical specialist. As a fully licensed tradesman Greg is responsible for the maintenance of our clients early warning fire and alarm systems. Greg has extensive knowledge of The Australian Standards and various laws required to install, operate and maintain these critical systems.

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Andrew Bennett

Medical First Responder & Service Technition

Andrew Bennett is passionate about working hard and making a real difference to his community. As a Swift Water Rescue Technician and Medical First Responder Andrew dedicates himself to the continual improvement and development cycles in order to excel in his chosen fields. Andrew helps Safe Response develop it s content and is a trusted industry professional.

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CAD Design and Evacuation Diagrams

Peter is a CAD specialist and Evacuation Diagram consultant. Peter assess the need under Australian Standards and legal requirements  to provide high quality evacuation diagrams. His experience extends over 15 years in the industry providing evacuaiton diagrams to commercial, heavy industry, health, government, aged care and small residential specialised work. Peter enjoys engaging with our clients and problem solving to provide a clear product that is designed to be functional in emergency and every day settings.

SR Heights trainig INST


Heights, Confined Space Rescue Technician and trainer

Dan is a heights and rescue technician with an industrial and safety background. Having worked previously in the defence and emergency response industry Dan is well versed in the need and extent of training requirements for heave industry. As a medical first responder and heights supervisor Dan is a clear communicator and enjoys seeing projects take shape and supporting our client needs.



Fire training specialist

Allan is a passionate trainer who works as a full time fire fighter. His background in healthcare as a patient transport officer positions Allan’s skills over our complete approach throughout Safe Responses deliverables. Allan has a commitment to ensure clients enjoy and take home simple messages from our fire training. As he grows with Safe Response Allan is committed to long term industry change by increasing his exposure to our services.

Fire training sydney


Fire training specialist

David is a passionate trainer who works as a full time fire fighter. David lives in Sydney with his family and is committed to providing quality fire and emergency training to market to improve outcomes in situations outside of your normal control.



Trainer, Service Technition & Medical First Responder

Yann is an ex soldier and counter terrorism detective. Migrating to Australia from France Yann has joined the Safe Response Team and proven his ability as a trainer and Emergency Management Consultant. Yann has years of combined experience and knowledge and is excited to apply his skills within our team.



Technology Director and System Developer

Adam is a System Developer and Architect. His experience in industrial design works allows our company to develop packages that enhance your digital capabilities. Adam’s expertise allows Safe Response to integrate packages that streamline approaches to create safer workplaces.



Emergency Responders, Tradesman, Technicians, Administration Support Staff and more

Safe Response fosters a collective approach to our results based attitude. As we only promote the best workers we rely on government experience and skills to project a solid foundation and build on the teams knowledge with industry specific training and up
-skilling. This diverse and capable mix puts us above the rest.



Emergency Response, Medical Staff, ISO Audits, Security Auditing, Equipment Sales and more

In order to become a leader you must partner with the best. We are proud to work with some of the countries best industry professionals and companies and provide a referral system for their specialities. If we can’t do your job we simply tell you, straight forward solutions for a guaranteed result.

The Safe Response team in action