A Push in the Right Direction – How Understanding Basic Psychology Improves Reality Based Training

We’ve all been exposed to some form of emergency in our lives, some of us burn toast others will manage to set the house on fire. When running realistic training scenarios we tend to notice a common theme; People generally don’t expect to be the first on scene. We sat back initially and wondered why…

Realism in training (train how you fight)

Recently we conducted a series of exercises to our industrial clients in country NSW. As part of these exercises we experimented with new equipment and processes to bring these situations to life. Excitingly we had fantastic feedback and will now implement the realistic and simplistic technology across our training scenarios. In part they included: The…

The dangers of internal compliance checks and the need for ‘TRAFFIC COPS’

As a Director of a Safety and Emergency Management (SEM) company our key focus is how to make organisations and people safer. A default of this process is doing any works in a time efficient and cost effective manner. Over the years we have noticed that companies generally employ a ‘Safety and Compliance Officer’ or…

Thoughts on a safer world (Occupational Violence)

We recently covered the need for hospital staff to be aware of their environments in context to Occupational Violence in the workplace. The tasks associated with this review enabled our team to consider a few basic and widely forgotten truths about workplace safety in the face of potentially violent situations. 1 – Wining on the ground…

Tick and Flick Vs Skills Retention

It’s a no brainer that we all enjoy quality training and a mission focused outcome. Humans work well in teams and excel in helping others, we’re designed that way. If this is the set case, why do we see so many providers of practical skills like First Aid, Fire Safety Training and Work Health &…

Antiquation – Australia and outdated fire logic.

I recently found myself in a hot debate in one of the worst imaginable places on earth. Yup, Facebook, the place of hero’s and zeros who dual it out to post happy and politically neutral non-offensive banter in order to sell the dream of utopian bliss, the like button. Sadly however, the reality of my…

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The nature of violent events are unfortunately increasing.

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The nature of violent events are unfortunately increasing.

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