1.5 Fire Equipment Course

Fire equipment such as extinguishers are extremely common. From your home to boats, workplaces, cars and more; these devices are designed for small emergencies to stay just that, small. Fire equipment is directly responsible for preventing hundreds of millions of dollars in damage per year and arguably saving countless lives accross the country.

We train our students on safe, reliable and simplistic methods to use fire equipment. As we only hire current and ex emergency and government workers we have actually used this equipment in a range of real emergencies.

Come and discover the best uses for fire and equipment and get qualified to your legal duties of care.

You will cover the following:

  • What fire equipment is common
  • How to interpret information in stressful situations (the art of slowing down)
  • The correct uses of the equipment along with their limitations
  • Live fire exercises and drills to gain confidence

At Safe Response, we won’t train you in something we haven’t already done ourselves. We won’t train you off a powerpoint presentation only or in the office and thats it. Hows that fair or right?!

What we use is a developed and unique method of training to allow for maximum engagement and participation. We get excellent feedback and we’re proud of our engineered controls that are realistic and functional to protect what matters to you. We don’t treat you like a number or follow the ‘tick and flick’ mindset our competitors use, we’re passionate and engaging!

What we avoid:

  • Old school logic that’s dated and useless
  • Fire charts that are bloody confusing and that you won’t remember when stressed
  • Go on about fire and rescue (some fire fighters just want to talk about themselves, we hate this)
  • Generic ‘tick and flick’ training… Your workplace is unique lets apply best practice and common sense!

What we focus on:

  • Staying engaged with you
  • ‘Building-block’ style of learning
  • Using real examples and case studies
  • Your experience and stories (we love feedback and to know what you do)
  • SIMPLICITY – it’s NOT rocket science so why do people make out like it’s that hard to use fire equipment
  • Getting out before you endanger you life, there’s no reset button
  • Human behaviours and psychology in emergencies (we have great content that shows you how crazy things can get)
  • YOU, we work for you, if we need to stay back so be it. We’re your survent in training and we are there to engage and have fun, not simply school people
  • Using experienced, smart and hard working people (including mindsets) over back-in-my-day folk, believe it or not, things change

We hope it’s enjoyable to know our purpose and mission and we hope to meet and exceed your expectations and we look forward to the opportunity to train with you!

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