3 Hour Fire Training

Fire training is a life skill. Case studies show us that the initial reaction to an EMERGENCY (not just fire – how are you to know?!) is critical in safe and accurate decision making skills. This enables critical thinking in emergencies to allow for the best advantage and any one point in time. This mindest lets us evolve, improve and adapt.

Our instructors are only hand picked form both the government and emergency services and we look for the following in our comrades..:

Emotional intelligence; Anyone can regurgitate a powerpoint and tell you a story about ‘back-in the-day’. Our team mates focus intelligent ‘building block’ style training methods which are as engaging as they are fun. We compliment your knowledge and challenge you, not robotically repeat ourselves, bill you and leave.

Fun; Let’s face it, fire training is a serious subject. It doesn’t have to scare you into submission. Our trainers are actually firefighters, soldiers, bodyguards, rescue technicians and more with industry experience and a proven career in actually responding to situations such as fires. We’ve already been through the ringer. We get it, and you. Life’s too short not to engage, enjoy, play and discover. We don’t need to prove ourselves to you and nor do you need to to us. Let’s work together to improve knowledge sharing and have fun!

Hands on; We let you discover for yourself (embarrass yourself at least once we say). Actually discharge an extinguisher (it’s crazy if you haven’t already), ever used a fire blanket? Let’s do it! We are hands on, we’ve gone to the effort, see what we mean!

Smart-ness; Just kidding, we have articulated intelligent design from modern methods, best practice, applicable laws and global strategy to allow for the best, contexualised and realistic training. Our emergency planing consultants, fire trainers and emergency service officers can assist you moving forward in your corporate responsibilities under the law and socially to comply. Let us explain this in a free consultation and find out why we believe we are the best at what we do and strive continually for excellence.

During our 3 Hour Fire Training Course you’ll cover the following skills:

  • Emergency’s 101 (a new and simplified approach to emergency management)
  • Home fire safety
  • Psychology in emergencies
  • Workplace firefighting
  • Evacuations and exercise if requested
  • Site orientations with examinations of installed fire safety systems
  • Emergency Control Organisation functions and responsibilities
  • Live fire training (fire extinguisher and blankets)

Ok, now the boring stuff:

We ONLY hire the right emergency consultant, current and ex emergency service consultant, smart, and emotionally intelligent

We’re growing – more than 200 clients, stable, proven and able to challenge your standard plumber crack tradie (fire trainer)

We’ve graduated form a two year business program

We’re Fire Protection Certified including (FPAS) so we know our stuff and we’re experienced in the safety industry

We’re ISO compliant 9001 (Quality Management Systems)

We’re ISO compliant 4810 (Safety Management Systems)

We train government and billion dollar ASX companies, including universities, hospital and councils so we get systematic improvement and compliance needs

How long is the course?: 3 hours (more than what you’re probably used to and there’s a reason we get such great feedback ;-))

Can it be done onsite?: Sure, we can come to you, or you can come to us

Will we get a certificate?: You will receive a certificate of competency that can be used as evidence for you legal obligations and compliance purposes.

We hope you have enjoyed our explanation of how and why we can help. We are the trades people of safety that are; Smart, happy, will challenge you, responsible, good at what we do and so much more… Our clients agree and we’re excited for you to see what we mean.

What are you waiting for.. Call us, have a chat find out why and improve your personal, family and corporate and societal safety standards.

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