Disaster Planning Course

Disasters present a range of complex and simple challenges to any team. With a good culture and guided responses to help treat a range of threats the team is better poised to be successful. Our training examines leadership strategies and coping mechanisms that seek to enhance your team cohesion and build a more resilient platform to plan, respond and treat threat which are specific to you and your environment.

Our team has decades of combined experience is responding to a rang of national, regional and global disaster which have long lasting effects. Our team leader have worked both privately, industry and within government and sector NGO’s to prove outcome focused results. We have combined this experience through our realistic training methods along with the latest best practice to enhance our clients ability to deal with a range of potential threats. From manmade to natural disasters we need to build more resilient teams when working in the harsh conditions of disasters to help promote safety and flexibility.

We ask that students of this course come from a management background and submit a CV and cover letter outlining why that wish to participate in the training. We do this to enhance your skills and contexualised the training content. All students are expected to hold a minimum of a Cert IV level or above competency in a management related field and/or demonstrate a leadership role.

Topics covered on this course include:

  • Disasters and their impacts
  • Distinguishing between a disaster asset and liability
  • Disaster hazard management and risk reduction strategies
  • Team briefs and planning
  • Pre-disaster auditing and checks
  • Disaster preparation strategies
  • Team problem solving skills involving our simulation based platforms

Course duration is 8 hours delivered on site or at your venue. Contact our friendly team for more information.

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