Every Day Responder LEVEL I

Australia’s landscape is particularly susceptible to a range of natural hazards, disasters and manmade events. These events change rapidly, from floods to fire, motor vehicle accidents, personal threats and heat waves. We live in an ever-changing and harsh environment. With this in mind, who are the first on scene to emergencies? Most people ignore the obvious fact that it’s YOU!

So many effective and life preserving and changing decisions can be made in the initial reactions to danger. The only competent that’s often lacking is better judgement through comprehensive, logical and simplistic training. Let us use our 200+ years of combined government and emergency response experience to train and teach you some invaluable life skills.

Our team has real-world experience in; Fire and Rescue, Policing, Re-Hospital Care and Trauma, Bush Survival, Military Operations, Body Guarding and more. Our mission is help YOU be better on YOUR feet.

The content of this course includes the following:

Provide First Aid HLTAID003 (Fast Track) – National unit of competency issued: 5hrs

Students will be required to undergo pre-course study for the fast track First Aid Course. This course aims to teach the basic principals and safe methods under Australian First Aid guidelines and will give students a basic knowledge of how to treat some the most common types of injuries and illnesses. Our training is heavily mixed with realistic props, scenarios, moving about and being active after learning the essentials. We focus the course around being great at the basics and learning how to use your resources effectively instead of focusing on a PowerPoint or manual the entire time. If you perfect Basic Life Support Principals (BLS) you’re so much better off! (SR Founder: Jesse McNeilly).

Basic Fire Fighting Training (home and office) 3hrs 
House fires in Australia kill more than bushfires. Every year small and large fires cost the economy millions and destroy lives. Knowing the basics of fire and safety principals make us all better off. Our training is delivered to empower you at home and at at work. With this realistic and basic knowledge of fire you can effectively respond in the critical first minutes of a fire or, potential fire to get to safety. Students on this course will use our live fire simulator and CO2 extinguisher and fire blankets.

Road Accident Awareness, short course 2hrs
Students will receive training on the initial  actions to take in the event of being involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA). The course will approach several factors leading up to the crash site which seek to educate the First Responders to treat and deal with any hazards, communicate effectively to by-standers, those involved (including the injured), basic methods to stabilise the injured (if safe to do so) and to conduct effective hand-overs with the emergency services to assist them in controlling event. We achieve this by culminating tried methods that are easy to use and remember which are tested in our Vehicle Accident Simulator. 

Active Threat Appreciation and Planning (domestic and travel) 2hrs  
As the world becomes more globalised and our threats change, we all need to appreciate that plan for the likely and possible situations we can be faced with. From hotel fires, area protests, natural disasters to active shooter situations. Just knowing some basic points and methodologies will give you an edge to combat active threat and possible threats, the growing number of hostile groups and behaviours that occupy our lives. This training uses principals of threat detection and avoidance to actively navigate your decision making ability when planing, when transiting, when under threat and when re-assessing your options. Students really enjoy the critical thinking under stress exercises we provide to sharpen your skills. 

Self Awareness and Defence Basics (using the S.P.E.A.R. training methods by Tony Blauer) 2hrs
Blauer tactical teaches student’s to ‘Weaponise your primal instincts and to win the fight before it’s already begun. The tried and proven methods stem from our evolutionary responses to fear (F.E.A.R.) and instinctive primal responses to danger. It is NOT an over-the-top one punch fad, it works off psychology and reactions to give you an edge over an aggressor. A fight worth one is one never had, but if you need to prevail fight with maximum intent and violence of action.

Scenarios and drills 4hrs

TOTAL = 18hrs

8am – 5pm daily over 2 days

The difference in our training besides our amazing instructors are our simulations and methodology of teaching. Using the special forces training mindset of ‘Pause’ – ‘Play’, we introduce a new way of learning that’s both emotionally intelligent and nurturing to produce high quality results. With our simulations platforms we don’t just talk about we DO IT! We subject you to various levels of intensity in a range of environments to actually see how you respond in different situations. The simulation platforms use movie grade effects in a range of designed sets. We do this because our team is sick of antiquated logic stemming from big institutions and the laziness of the past three decades for emergency response and the lack of empowerment of the civilian sector. We know that life skills and training is needed to improve out of hospital survival rates and we want to pass on our winning edge so you can be the true first responder to incidents as a safe and realistic operator.

You’ll walk away from this 2 day intensive training course appreciating and zeroing yourself in a better position to take on life’s challenges and dangerous situations when and where they present.

This training will produce a certification of competency that can be used for professional development, employment purposes (ADF, Police, Ambulance Service, Fire Rescue Service, Security Agencies and more), Verifications of Competency (VoC’s) and others which will assist you in your strategic endeavours.

We’re excited to offer a realistic and well a planned course which we have been developing for decades through a talent pool of high quality operators with real-world and ongoing tactical and emergency service experience. These operators will surprise you on their depth of knowledge and willingness to see you prevail in harsh situations.

Our passion is in helping others and building confidence, come and see why.

This training can be booked individually or privately.

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