Every Day Responder LEVEL II

This course is a continuation of the Every Day Responder LEVEL I course. It is designed to be a high impact course which could be viewed as a bootcamp of emergency and survival mixed mode and environmental training. Students undertaking this training will be required to undergo pre course screening and will be required to submit reasons to joining the course. This is critical we know who you are, your intent and your background. As this course features a higher than usual instructor to student ratio we a required to provide measured and comprehensive support as needed to ensure your sucsess. Safe Response also reserves the right to monitor student activities throughout the course and provide information to federal and state police if required or requested. We do this to ensure the integrity of the training and quality of the student environment.

The content of this course includes the following:

National & Regional Threat Analysis Training 3hrs
Discover local threats and trends which lead to climatic events. This planning and training session is designed to allow you a tactical edge in understanding the nature and types of threats which effect and govern our lives on a daily basis. From natural to man-made occurrences and possibilities our local landscapes are littered with critical information to carefully consider when making tactical decisions. This training will help open your eyes to triggers and trends you can take advantage of or avoid to sculpt you chosen results.

World Threat Analysis Training 2hrs
Our world has dramatically changed within the last two decades. With significant strain placed on global enforcement groups, national agencies, local government and responders, no longer can we afford to sit back and wait for help when faced with danger. This threat based training allows our students to technically analyse the world situation/s and make effective decisions which purpose that impact; Freedom of movement, individual and group safety, travel planing and many more. The short course enables students to take an objective view of the battle space in which they operate and create a more thorougher instinctive operational and tactical decision making ability. 

Situation and mission Planing 101 3hrs
Combining the skills from previous training students are required to solve a range of routine and complex problems in groups. Students in this phase must receive a passing grade in order to continue the course. Tactical decisions will be used to underpin the course moving forward and our training methods help to establish realistic methods to make use of intellect and kinetic will.

Urban Survival 8hrs
Have you ever wondered if you could evade detection, hide in an urban environment, use the art of persuasion to achieve a goal when meeting a total stranger? Learn the basics of urban survival in a range of settings. This curse is designed to cover the following aspects; Urban attitude to survival, Do’s and Don’t’s in urban settings, low and slow drills, urban camouflage, defensive tactics using household objects, following crowds, strong holds for safety, how to talk to authorities if questioned, urban planing methods and more. This course is NOT a special or secret training course, we follow basic guidelines everyone should know such as; Knowing where north is, your threat landscape, acting in a moral and ethical manner, protecting yourself and others and mot. 

Self Awareness and Defence Continuation Training – using the S.P.E.A.R. training methods by Tony Blauer) 6hrs
Blauer tactical teaches student’s to ‘Weaponise your primal instincts and to win the fight before it’s already begun. The tried and proven methods stem from our evolutionary responses to fear (F.E.A.R.) and instinctive primal responses to danger. This component uses kinetic training to aggressively defend yourself when challenged. Students will be required to pass a knowledge test and prove competency of fundamental skills and techniques in order to pass this component. This is a high impact component of the course students are required to gain clearance form medical professionals (equal to boxing with dense mitts) to assure they are able to take impacts to any area of the body (we use high impact training gear).

Bush Survival, Short Course 9hrs  DAY/NIGHT – Camping
Working in a range of landscapes can produce a range of stressors and hazards. This training will show students how to survive in a wilderness setting (Australian Bush) by covering; Gear Selection, pre planing, shelter formation, camp safety, signalling, fire making, hunting strategies, tool making, camouflage techniques, escape and evade, search and rescue, trail marking, land navigation, communication methods and marking helicopter landing zones, night stalk and activities.

Provide First Aid in Remote Situations HLTAID005 – National unit of competency issued 10hrs REMOTE LOCATION

Students will undergo training at our facility in Minto and be introduced to more advanced methods they will find in ‘standard’ PowerPoint style training classes which focus on profit over your quality skills. Our intensive remote first aid training puts you actually in the bush to work through a series of complex and challenging survival situations and to enhance your medical skills. On completion of this training successful students will receive a certificate with a national unit of competency (HLTAID005 Provide First Aid in Remote Situations) undertaking this course. 

Scenarios and drills 4hrs

TOTAL = 41hrs

  • MONDAY 8am (SHARP) – 4pm 
  • TUESDAY 1pm (SHARP) – 9pm (varies in Summer months)
  • WEDNESDAY 9am (SHARP) – 3pm 

The difference in our training besides our amazing instructors are our simulations and methodology of teaching. Using the special forces training mindset of ‘Pause’ – ‘Play’, we introduce a new way of learning that’s both emotionally intelligent and nurturing to produce high quality results. With our simulations platforms we don’t just talk about we DO IT! We subject you to various levels of intensity in a range of environments to actually see how you respond in different situations. The simulation platforms use movie grade effects in a range of designed sets. We do this because our team is sick of antiquated logic stemming from big institutions and the laziness of the past three decades for emergency response and the lack of empowerment of the civilian sector. We know that life skills and training is needed to improve out of hospital survival rates and we want to pass on our winning edge so you can be the true first responder to incidents as a safe and realistic operator.

You’ll walk away from this 5 day intensive training course appreciating and zeroing yourself in a better position to take on life’s challenges and dangerous situations when and where they present.

This training will produce a certification of competency that can be used for professional development, employment purposes (ADF, Police, Ambulance Service, Fire Rescue Service, Security Agencies and more), Verifications of Competency (VoC’s) and others which will assist you in your strategic endeavours.

We’re excited to offer a realistic and well a planned course which we have been developing for decades through a talent pool of high quality operators with real-world and ongoing tactical and emergency service experience. These operators will surprise you on their depth of knowledge and willingness to see you prevail in harsh situations.

Our passion is in helping others and building confidence, come and see why.

This training can be booked individually or privately.

Safe Response reserves to right to block any applicant to this training course for any reason. Safe Response reserves the right to request documentation and details from any student on request and ensure background checks are completed before the training.


  • HLTAID001 Provide Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation 
  • HLTAID003 Provided First Aid
  • A criminal background check (National Police Check)
  • A Letter of intent stating the reasons for wanting to conduct this course
  • An updated CV 
  • Medical clearance from your doctor (stating you have; No issues working, sleeping and operating outdoors, no medical issues that preclude you from this training including high impact activities)

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