PUASAR024A Undertake road crash rescue

Information about the course:
This unit covers the competency required to gain access to and extricate entrapped casualty/s from vehicles travelling on the road such as cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks and semi-trailers while minimising the potential for further injury and preserving the integrity of evidence.
This unit requires the responder to access entrapped casualty/s using a range of techniques and to operate specialist equipment to undertake the rescue.
No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.
This unit applies to a member of a rescue team.
This unit may be customised to suit a range of road crash rescue incidents based on an organisational risk profile.

PUAEME002C Manage injuries at emergency incident
HLTFA311A Apply first aid
PUASAR022A Participate in a rescue operation

Target audience:
Those who are working in a mine rescue unit working as part of an Emergency Rescue Team.

Award issued:
Students who successfully complete this nationally recognised training will be awarded the statement of attainment for:
PUASAR024A Undertake road crash rescue

Course duration:
Option 1 Full course: 35 hours face-to-face training
Option 2 Flexible delivery: Workplace projects and 15 hour face-to-face training
Option 3 Refresher course: 12 hour practical training

Pre course study options:
There is no pre-course study for this course.

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(PUASAR024A) How will I be assessed for this course?
The following assessment tasks are required for this course:
Theory Questions consisting of multiple choice and short answer questions
Simulated Practical Scenarios

(PUASAR024A) Where can I access the training package?
You can access a copy of the training package here

(PUASAR024A) What skills and knowledge will I get from this course?

Required Skills
– Apply emergency care practices
– Apply relevant road crash rescue techniques
– Apply scene management procedures
– Undertake initial (ongoing) scene assessment
– Use rescue equipment in a range of situations
– Wear appropriate PPE
– Work in a multi-agency environment
– Work in teams

Required Knowledge
– Dangers associated with vehicle safety devices
– Documentation requirements
– Emergency care
– Equipment characteristics and safe working loads in rescue operations
– Establishment and maintenance of safe working areas and minimisation of hazards
– Hazards and environmental threats
– Infection control procedures
– Legal requirements for responders
– Methods of access
– Need to return equipment to operational readiness after use
– Operating procedures and organisational standards
– Operational briefing and debriefing procedures
– Organisational procedures for cleaning and discarding equipment in terms of environmental management and sustainability
– Personal hygiene protocols
– Reconnaissance processes
– Relevant occupational health and safety principles and practices
– Rescue equipment and manufacturer’s operational guidelines
– Rescue techniques relevant to a range of vehicles
– Road crash rescue techniques
– Road crash rescue concepts as described in the Australian Emergency Manual Road Crash Rescue
– Roles and responsibilities of, and relationship with, other emergency service/s
– Use of PPE
– Vehicle construction and dangers in cutting vehicle parts and panels

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