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Disasters, both manmade and natural are fundamentally reshaping our planet. As our world changes so too must or approaches and resilience to them. At Safe Response we are big on teaching people from all walks of life the basic and advanced skills needed to develop knowledge so that when faced with danger better choices can be made. Our disaster training packages and custom training sessions can help reshape your individual and team capabilities for a more enhanced and methodical outcomes based result/s. We achieve this by using decades of real-world experience to pass on tried and true methods along with industry best practice and the lates technology to build knowledge. Knowing that all teams are different and must employ a range of techniques is our speciality. Let's work together to build our basic and advanced disaster management and response skills.

Our courses include:

  • Disaster 101
  • Manmade disasters
  • Natural disasters
  • Disaster strategy and planning
  • Disaster and risk auditing (public and private)
  • Emergency planing and scheduling
  • Disaster scenario training
  • Disaster resilience building
  • Disaster First Aid
  • Disaster recover and coping
  • Community engagement (pre and post) 101
  • Disaster reporting and mapping

Because we only hire the right type of expert, we can be more flexible and dynamic to your needs. We don’t just hire firefighters, soldiers, emergency managers and the likes and we don’t lean on decades of dated and boring training. We are passionate and interested in the best outcomes mapped to modern, proven and realistic standards. In recent times a lot has changed for the better and worse within society, engaging up-to-date and well versed emergency planning and training consultants is a wise move. This is due to the essential need for a efficient and clear response to danger. YOU are often the first responder in critical incidents and a lot can be done before the arrival of the emergency services. Its this logic that directly saves lives, protects bystanders, keeps your family safe and protects your business.

Our team is also aligned to national units of competency and can train a range of Nationally Recognised and non-accredited training.

Our motto is: ‘Knowledge Dispels Fear’. Our principals are: Honesty, Integrity and Humility. Our team lives their passion and we truely love what we do!

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Disaster Response Preparatory Course

Disaster continue to reshape our world and impact on our growing society. Learn tried and true methods along with best practice to help deal and cope with disasters as they present.

Disaster First Aid Course

Disaster First Aid is conducted differently as the circumstances in disasters present a range of challenges. Come and learn more focused methods to improve your first aid knowledge and abilities in disaster settings.

Disaster Planing Course

Disaster planing underpins individual and group outcomes. Knowing how to recognise and treat a range of threats will enhance your ability to resist, recover and respond to disasters.

Why provide realistic simulations?

Realism in training is fundamental in developing cognitive skills which can be brought back at a later stage, in this case, a critical moment in time.

Our staff are passionate about preparing you for your worst day. We have adapted functional and purposeful training metrics by our decades of emergency service and  military experience. We look to challenge and build with our students ability through a pause/play methodology.

It's when we arrive at this point those functional skills can be relied upon in emergencies to not only save a life but promote the best outcomes.

Our training includes:

  • Simulated wounds
  • Sounds
  • Smoke
  • Smells
  • Projections
  • Simulated weapons
  • Human movement distractions
  • Obstacles and debris
  • Bystanders
  • And much more...

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We work over a range of diverse industries. Our professional approach and expertise allows us to build trusted and solid relationships.

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