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Evacuation diagrams are strictly designed in accordance with your Emergency Planing Consultants. These diagrams are pictorial outlays for workers guests, contractors and others to not only evacuate safely, but to understand important workplace guidance information.


We work in conjunction with draftsman, emergency planners, engineers and other industry professional to ensure your diagrams are the best they can be.


You’ll be surprised just how competitive and straight forward our diagrams are.


More than often we find workplaces attempting to do them in-house. In all cases we have found this to be counter producing and has even cost more than the proper products end up costing. This is because it takes staff much more time and energy to construct them.


More often, first responders will examine Evacuation Diagrams to source critical data such as: Fire Hydrants, Electrical Shut-off’s, gas hazards and more. insurance assessors will examine workplace emergency information and assess the liability to pay out.


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Under Australian law, it is part of a workplaces and Person Conducting a Business or Undertakings responsibility to prepare emergency plans & information.


Put simply all workers and guests to your business must be given the best chance and have appropriate guidance material to act on many different emergencies as they occur.


This does not mean a dust book is left on a shelf, it translates to functional and realistic information that is at hand in order to save lives.


We are living with a more fluid workforce and a higher degree of domestic and medical threat than ever before. Because of this, The Australian Government has strict laws to protect your workers from harm.


We can assist. Emergencies are our business and we prefer not having them. Thats why Safe Response puts the energy into planning, training, exercises and preparation. This way when and if an event strikes we can all put on hand on our hearts and say we did the best job possible.


Talk to us about increasing your:
  • Current level of business protections
  • Increase staff moral and competent level of training
  • At work protections
  • Level of insurance and assurance in dealing with workplace emergencies
Our team includes specific information and we won’t just template the manual again and again. We work with you so that the information is functional and makes sense.


We are confident you will enjoy our realistic and practical approach, delivered to you by Emergency Planing Consultants, you’ll know you’re in safe hands!