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Safe Response can deliver a range of bespoke training solutions to enhance your departmental needs. We all hail from government backgrounds so we just get your needs based off capability, constraints budgets and capabilities. This is why we seek to moderate and enhance your needs so we can progress not regress.

Working with us benefits you team beyond any one day training session as we query and assist in the development of your procedures, practices and planning needs. The fact that we are a holistic and battle hardened provider who's many members are current and ex government employees only seeks to benefit your individual needs. We're proud to offer a governmental style training package that's commercially competitive and realistic to give you whats needed to get the job done.

We offer:

  • Occupational Violence Training
  • Firefighting packages
  • Disaster management packages
  • Medical enhancement packages
  • Defensive tactics packages (S.P.E.A.R.)
  • Workplace Risk Management
  • Many more

Rather than offering tailored packages, first it's better assess and map your individual needs and then offer a realistic and comprehensive package that meets your individual needs. This methodology proves our intellectual ability before we comercially engage and also establishes the foundations of our systematic outcomes to assure the greatest chances of team sucsess.

Post training we will then offer analytics through:

  • After Action Reviews (AAR's)
  • Exercise reports
  • Improves, sustains and fixes
  • Road maps
  • Plans and guides
  • More

Our team has proven experience dealing with government and we're proud to work with you. We are dedicated professionals that wish to enhance our national interests to protect Australia and it's people.

To date, we have worked with: Defence (Army, Navy and Air Force), National Parks, SES, NSW Fire and Rescue, Soil Conservation Service NSW and The Bush Walkers Rescue Squad NSW.

Because we only hire the right type of expert, we can be more flexible and dynamic to your needs. We don’t just hire firefighters, we don’t lean on decades of dated and boring training. We are passionate and interested in the best outcomes mapped to modern, proven and realistic standards. In recent times a lot has changed for the better and worse within society, engaging up-to-date and well versed emergency planning and training consultants is a wise move. This is due to the essential need for a efficient and clear response to danger. YOU are often the first responder in critical incidents and a lot can be done before the arrival of the emergency services. Its this logic that directly saves lives, protects bystanders, keeps your family safe and protects your business.

Our team is also aligned to national units of competency and can train a range of Nationally Recognised and non-accredited training.

Our motto is: ‘Knowledge Dispels Fear’. Our principals are: Honesty, Integrity and Humility. Our team lives their passion and we truely love what we do!

Talk to our team today and let us show you latest best practice.

Some of our engaging training and simulations

We’ve had the privilege of working with over 100 businesses so far and growing. This has helped us assist thousands of workers and individuals to stay safe and improve lifesaving skills in a safe environment.

Some of our valued clients

We work over a range of diverse industries. Our professional approach and expertise allows us to build trusted and solid relationships.

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