Is to assist you to complete yours.


We audit your systems and map appropriate and targeted solutions to ensure compliance.


We implement best practice throughout your team and manage your requirements.


Our approach aims to test systems and people to ensure effectiveness.


Choose from a range of products to improve your safety.


We service your safety equipment.

Fire . Safety . Medical . Risk.

Safe Response is a holistic Emergency Management and Work Health and Safety (WHS) company specialising in compliance based measures.

From ultra realistic scenario based training to nationally accredited courses through to safety audits, management software, products, support and more, our clients get the whole supportive approach. We aim to be economical allowing you options to have expert guidance on a needs basis rather than trying to achieve complex targets from day one and exhausting valuable time and money. With our friendly team of current and ex-emergency service, military and industry experts, our clients can rest in safe hands.

As a forward thinking modern safety company we aim to build and sustain improvement measures based off the highest order and best results. Our point of difference is in our ability to effectively map, understand and deliver bespoke targets over a range of sectors, clearly and efficiently. Our networked applications and relationship management tools and software hone our best results as the team increases your business and social protections on site, in real time.

Safe Response has a proud and growing reputation in the Safety and Emergency Management industry and we're excited to show you why.

A Fresh Approach

Our team understands safety, we live it. With fresh ideas and simplistic approaches, we deliver.

The Ground Up

We know what it takes. Let us build your safety systems from the ground up to make your workforce safe and save you money.

Easy Support

When you talk to us you’re dealing with a professional and knowledgeable team. Standing by to assist 24/7 we can support your needs.

Emergency Training Sydney

Some of our valued clients

We work over a range of diverse industries. Our professional approach and expertise allows us to build trusted and solid relationships.

Personal Safety . Reputation . Ability .

With over 200 years of combined experience, our team is serious about your personal safety, reputation and ability to deal with life’s challenges. Our realistic and bespoke approach means you and the team will get the most out of your time with us. What you see with our team is what you get and you’ll love the professional maturity, humor and humility of our services.

We choose to excel over ‘going along’ with trends. With international certifications for safety and quality, industry recognition and a practical ability to get the job done, our team will project and therefore protect your safety moving forward.


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