Topics Covered

At Safe Response we know that improving the wider safety and emergency industry we must share knowledge and foster healthy competition. This leads to innovation and better outcomes for everyone. We want to pass on our credibility, skills, experience as culture to improve your team and your business objectives wherever you may be and work.

With extensive training experience in overseas postings and positions our team have also built competitive business units domestically to enhance individual and team capabilities. Let us audit and improve your desired safety outcomes.

We cna provide:

  • Team audits (culture, trade testing, simulation response exercises and more)
  • Culture improvements through training and mentoring
  • Motivational speakers (Emergency Service, Special Forces and Public figures to enhance your safety and emergency messages)
  • Short and extended training sessions and bootcamps
  • Tailored sessions on discussion and more

Because we only hire the right type of expert, we can be more flexible and dynamic to your needs. We don’t just hire firefighters, we don’t lean on decades of dated and boring training. We are passionate and interested in the best outcomes mapped to modern, proven and realistic standards. In recent times a lot has changed for the better and worse within society, engaging up-to-date and well versed emergency planning and training consultants is a wise move. This is due to the essential need for a efficient and clear response to danger. YOU are often the first responder in critical incidents and a lot can be done before the arrival of the emergency services. Its this logic that directly saves lives, protects bystanders, keeps your family safe and protects your business.

Our team is also aligned to national units of competency and can train a range of Nationally Recognised and non-accredited training.

Our motto is: ‘Knowledge Dispels Fear’. Our principals are: Honesty, Integrity and Humility. Our team lives their passion and we truely love what we do!

Talk to our team today and let us show you latest best practice.

Trainer Assessments OVERT

Have our trainer and assessors attend your training to assess and guide the best outcomes for your clients. Full reports and trainer metrics are provided to best enhance your needs moving forward and systematically improve your offerings.

Trainer Assessments COVERT

We can assess your trainers covertly as a 'student' and offer clear and concise feedback to assist in your assessment strategies, business improvement measures, QMS's and many more. We take our services as YOUR business and we take quality seriously as we work for you to deliver the best outcomes.

Team Building

NEVER just hire a team, BUILD ONE! We can place your teams in challenging and fun situations to build team moral, confidence and intellect. Our adventure style training courses are designed to build team cohesion and foster a winning mindset.

Safety Contractor (professional) Training

The safety and emergency management industry is undergoing major reform and improvement. It's critical to stay ahead of changes and be the best at your job to ensure quality and that you retain your position. Let us advise you on clear and useful methods to achieve this.

Individual Trade Assessments

We can assess a range of skills you're paying good money to have and/or use for professional purposes. Making sure those skills are transpired in your daily work is critical to ensuring you maintain a high standard. We can assess and offer assistance to sharpen your trade qualifications and continually improve through our vast network of industry leaders.

Career Planning and Assessments

Many industry professionals looking to up-skill and transition are often left in the dark. Big institutions are set-up to either get their use out of you, or, charge you for recognition of skills as you move on. The reality is often far different for those seeking transition and improvements.

Responder Level I Training Course

This accelerated course is designed to give you a range of useful trade related skills to improve your CV and enhance your employment prospects. We challenge your ability to learn and adapt to be at the front of emergency management principals rather than follow the heard.

Fire Safety Officer Skill-Set (NSW) - FSO

This unit covers the competency required to identify and prevent the development of workplace emergency situations, or to minimise their consequences, and to report if emergency protection systems, emergency control equipment and evacuation systems are compromised.

Fire Safety Manager Skill-Set (FSM)

We will build you ability to become a Fire Safety Manager. This course is for experienced industry professionals with a minimum 5 years of safety and emergency management experience. At the end of this course you will be competent to legally represent yourself as a FSM (Fire Safety Manager).

Some of our engaging training and simulations

We’ve had the privilege of working with over 100 businesses so far and growing. This has helped us assist thousands of workers and individuals to stay safe and improve lifesaving skills in a safe environment.

Some of our valued clients

We work over a range of diverse industries. Our professional approach and expertise allows us to build trusted and solid relationships.

Speak to us about what we can do for your organisation!