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ISO-9001 Sydney Safety Company

Accurate and Reliable

We understand complex and routine safety management needs. From the top down through to the bottom up, our team works with our clients to deliver the best outcomes in the most realistic and efficient manner. As our world continues to change we follow best practice and advanced methods to ensure a competitive and robust edge. As an internationally accredited quality and safety company we are serious about our deliverables and management systems.

By investing in a team who dedicates themselves to emergency management, training and response, we know how to evolve your onsite safety and emergency needs. We aren’t just a team of intellectuals, nor are we a team of trainers. We understand simple and complicated compliance requirements and needs across many industries. Always looking for the better solutions we work with our clients to outperform the ‘bare minimum standard’. Evidence shows us that better prepared individuals and workplaces recover faster from disruptions and well trained workforces tend to have better morale and discipline.

Our safety management systems allow for transparency through visibility to streamlined data. This data is then managed through several mediums to produce outputs at the required levels. By doing this, simple data is produced where and as needed without cluttering all teams. Our safety management system (SR Connect®) is proving to be laser focused for client emergency management and safety needs, as well as a useful compliance tool for internal and external audits.

ISO-9001 Sydney Safety Company
Safe Response Connect Safety Management Software Sydney

SR Connect

We just get it.

You’re busy running your own team. Lets us focus on what we specialise on and represent accurate, focused and necessary information for when it's actually needed. From here we all work together as an on and off site team making you even more effective.


Digital Performance Monitoring

By accessing instantly synced data your teams can see and know what's needed and how to go about solving problems. We’re there to support you every step of the way and pride ourselves on maintaining the relationship between people, plant, systems and culture.


Accurate Record Keeping

Good safety systems take good planning and management. Let us show you what decades of systems management and Emergency Planning Consultants have engineered to compliment your safe outcomes at a ground level. Our team lives and breathes safety and emergency management refinement.

Sydney Emergency Management Plans

EMP - Emergency Management Procedures

Our consultants meet to understand, plan and implement Emergency Management Procedures that are in line with your needs and are realistic to your specific standard requirements. Working inline with applicable laws and standards our experts help your organisation to be prepared and governed by functional emergency guidelines.

Emergency Planing Sydney

EPC - Emergency Planning Committee Reform & Management

Let us shape your internal management team/s by assisting you to shape our comprehensive mentoring approach. We implant and guide your business leaders through your emergency management systems that you should own and run. This key speciality allows us to simply guide you through simple and advanced management skills needed for the effective management of your Emergency Planing Committee.

Emergency Management Sydney

ECO - Emergency Control Organisation Reform & Management

Your people are not only your greatest asset, they are the key implementers of well thought out plans and processes in emergencies. As simple as calling for an ambulance, our team assess key metrics to assure realistic goals and objectives are set, achieved and maintained. With our extensive government and emergency management experience we love passing on realistic methods to improve your skills and abilities.