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Online training is here to stay. As such it’s important to catch up to an ever busy and rushed world.


We have taken care of this need with simple yet comprehensive online fire training that will meet your compliance requirements.


These courses have been developed in conjunction with Emergency Planning Consultants, Subject Matter Experts and technology consultants to ensure that best practice is upheld whilst efficacy is delivered.


The benefits of online fire training:
  • Save time (courses can generally be delivered within 20-30mins)
  • Stay competitive (our courses won’t break the bank)
  • Get quality (see for yourself, ask for a free demo)


Online training is NOT a one stop shop.


We will also work with your team as specific site and business risks and hazards MUST be understood, then properly planned. This is where our professional team  of Emergency Planing Consultants excel.


Ask now about receiving a free demo and discover why Safe Response has the best online fire training available!