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Safe Response keeps up-to-date and maintains a fresh approach to developing realistic and modern solutions to the workplace and home. Our team is gifted with the ability to build and test groundbreaking technology to our clients.

Stay ahead of trends and save money by using the best solutions available.

We can:

  • Deliver the very best in low cost Emergency Warning Systems that are ahead of the times
  • Set fire to your building and structures in a simulated training scenario
  • Construct 3D world maps of your building and run specific training events
  • Make training videos for your site
  • Run online training
  • Construct applications


Emergency Warning and Communication System

Safe Response uses the very latest in digital communication systems to bridge the technological gap and improve your safety.
Our system can operate over a number of devices and can track users. The system also can be fitted with up to 25 individual alerts, alarms and messages.

This new technology is far cheaper than conventional hardwired alarm systems and is the future of communications.



Occulus Rift simulations

The Oculus is a new way of viewing the world.

By using this technology we have managed to keep ahead of industry trends and are setting the pace in developing scenarios where you as the user can experience a new dimensions.

We are the first developer in the world to build and use a personal escape application centred in the home.


Custom built 
Online Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Online learning is fast becoming the most cost effective and time reducing tool to train your staff.
We offer custom built systems and standards learning platforms that enable you to meet your legal requirements and get on with business.

Train from anywhere in the world and have up to 12months to train within our platforms.


Fire simulations  When running emergency scenario training why not have a current image of your own site and discuss action plans that make sense. The fire simulator gives the instructor the ability to use photos of your site and overlay moving sequences of:

  • Smoke
  • Fire
  • Gas
  • Explosions

At Safe Response our fire training sessions will be the best you have attended based off our ability to use up to date and relevant information making us the best at what we do. enquire-nowDrone solutions  A new concept that has huge commercial applications. Drones can:

  • Map your site
  • Provide up-to-date live feeds
  • Scout remote locations
  • Monitor incidents
  • Provide a response capability for HAZMAT

The applications are limitless. Talk to our team to see how we may be able to change the way you operate for the better. enquire-nowFirst Aid simulator  Another new concept by Safe Response. We have taken First Aid training to a new extreme. Our application allows the user to visually see an event take place. From there it’s up to you to deal with what you see under the watchful eye of our trainers to assist you the whole way if needed. We can fully custom this application to suit your needs and offer low cost solutions to partner companies to use our technology. enquire-nowKeeping up with the latest technology shows that you are forward thinking and adapts to the culture of problem solving ability. Our systems and solutions are the bridge between substandard and exposed organisations into industry leaders and safer places of work. Our IT and Technical Team work tirelessly to give our clients the best in emergency management technology. Let us help you to develop a low cost fix that can turn your team into the experts. enquire-now