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Health and Safety Training Australia

Health and Safety is a culture that is reshaping how Australia does business.
Laws, standards, practices and policies shape everything we do and how we do it.
The new harmonised Work Health and Safety Act 2011, requires all workplaces be compliant in the aim of reducing workplace injuries and deaths.
In Australia alone during 2010-2011 there were 127,300 reported workplace related injuries, double that of Europe.Businesses can no longer afford to wait-and-see.
As safety is now accepted as integral for the day-to-day operations of enterprise, let us show you how to manage a safety culture so that seamless integration doesn’t slow down your workplace.
We have WorkSafe, a system that allows for; auditing, reviews, policies and training schedules to be implanted into your workplace for a safe upgrade.
Our system identifies shortfalls so you don’t get stung by risky practices. Litigation can ruin your business and delay works.
Safe Response learns your business from the ground up to deliver suitable results, doing this saves on valuable capitol.
To have legal effect in a jurisdiction, the model Code of Practice must be approved as a code of practice in that jurisdiction. To determine if this model Code of Practice has been approved as a code of practice in a particular jurisdiction, check with the relevant regulator.


Work Safe Courses

Our Work Safe Courses are designed to compliment your mandatory training requirements under the Work Health and Safety Act. Utilising knowledgeable trainers and content with practical, hands on training we can assure you and your staff quality courses.

Our training courses include:

Manual Handling

Your health and fitness carry over well past your working life. Manual tasks and labour account for a large amount of injuries within the workplace. Living outside your job and maintaining health is one of your most valuable assets. Our team with years of practical experience can guide you through ways of keeping fit at work and helping you and your team to avoid strain and other injuries. Often its the small receptive tasks which can cause the greatest amount of harm.

Your tailored session may include:

  • Introduction into Work Health and Safety
  • Common work tasks (risk and reward)
  • Workplace positioning
  • Stance and posture
  • Ways to enhance your health within the workplace
  • Workplace walkthrough and discussion
  • Practical exercise (group exercise)
  • Assessment and conclusion

Let us show you a productive and healthy way to enjoy your workspace.