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Individual Courses


Our training covers your mandatory requirements as a minimum. Beyond this, we give you realistic, fun and stimulating training delivered by Firefighters and Rescue Technicians. Your initial reactions in a fire are critical, let us show you why!



We offer a range of industry courses and packages. From Confined Space, Heights and Manual Handling units we tailor our courses to meet your specific needs. Given our talent pool we give you trainers with current and relevant experience.



With extensive military, policing, security and diplomatic protection experience our trainers are serious when it comes to your personal safety. Its this personal DNA that make our courses so valuable. Let us refresh your teams approach to a renewed threat landscape.



Basic First Aid to advanced resuscitation through to disaster health practices. Our team have a real passion for medical training. With global experience accross the military, ambulance, industrial rescue and more we prepare you for the inevitable. 


Reality Based Training (RBT)

Safe Response is dedicated to providing our clients with realistic and challenging training that partially emulates the settings they may operate in. From simulating Motor Vehicle Accidents to Search and Rescues into Confined Space and Heights Rescues, why not train in the manner in which you work or are exposed to risk? As such, we have chosen to use a syllabus of engagement and realism.

Across our Medical, Risk, Safety and Fire units our team is passionate and dedicated to providing our clients with stimulating and thought provoking training packages as part otherwise ‘industry standard’ purely classroom based training.  Whilst theory is important and has it place, humans simply can't apply this training methodology to practical hands-on skills that you demand.We have found that by engaging students in a challenging, mature and nurturing manner, we tend to get the most out of the  courses and provide a higher level of quality outcomes by doing so.

Our courses are researched, mapped, designed, implemented and run by current and former emergency planning consultants, rescue operators, special operations personal and highly qualified and capable experts. We take our deliverables seriously and know, that by injecting the highest possible quality back into the world we can only challenge and improve it.

Why provide realistic simulations?

Realism in training is fundamental in developing cognitive skills which can be brought back at a later stage, in this case, a critical moment in time.

Our staff are passionate about preparing you for your worst day. We have adapted functional and purposeful training metrics by our decades of emergency service and  military experience. We look to challenge and build with our students ability through a pause/play methodology.

It's when we arrive at this point those functional skills can be relied upon in emergencies to not only save a life but promote the best outcomes.

Our training includes:

  • Simulated wounds
  • Sounds
  • Smoke
  • Smells
  • Projections
  • Simulated weapons
  • Human movement distractions
  • Obstacles and debris
  • Bystanders
  • And much more...

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