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Years of innovation and refinement

Everything is evolving, let our team of veterans, emergency responders and consultants show you a new and exciting way of learning skills.

Skills that are designed to be used ANYWHERE at ANYTIME.

The Process

Interactive, innovative and quality training is here to stay!

Gone are are days of sitting bored and wandering in a class jam packed with other people who are just there to tick a box! If this is you, leave now, this training is not for you!

We seek…

Motivated, open minded and trainable individuals to undergo VET approved training… with a little extra.

For years we have seen and heard examples of local ‘box ticking’ trainers and students just going with the flow and not really ABSORBING the life saving skills being taught.

Enter a motivated group of emergency service, military veterans and professional industry consultants. Take the very best of these industries in personalities and capabilities and now you have the mix for some truely interactive and quality training. Delivered by people who want to help you and see you succeed in the face of adversity!

What the numbers say…


% of Australians exposed to an emergency situation within their lifetime.

Australian preventable deaths cardiac conditions per year ONLY!

 Do something about how YOU can help control an emergency situation and be the best responder you can be.

After all… it may just be your loved one and seconds always count!…

What Others Are Saying!

Don’t just take our word for it, see it for yourself. Hear what some of our customers have to say about our service!

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Hayden Murphey

“The service is just amazing! I was stunned of the extreme quality of this interactive experience. what I thought I knew from my old First Aid course was completely BLOWN out of the water when it came time to actually use the skills! 

Jesse and his team were so experienced and helpful. I’d recommend everyone do this training!!

Andrew Stone

“One of the best gifts for your loved ones!

Why not know that your skills actually work in situations”.


Colin Beard

“these guys have his the nail on the head with their style, experience and skills”


Christina Sun

“Learning from people who actually been in emergencies and who are so willing to get the clear messages across was something I’ll never forget, highly recommend”.


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Whats in our training?


Designed for anyone to respond to any situations outside of their normal control.

Time: 3 hours 

Cost: $130p.p.


  • Violence awareness
  • Medical emergencies 
  • Fire awareness 
  • Fire fighting
  • Basic ResponderTM

Simulated Settings x 3 scenarios:

  • Classroom
  • Home
  • Suburban
  • Road


Already have a current certification i.e. First Aid course? HLTAID003, then lets see if it works?!

Time: 6 hours 

Cost: $230p.p.


  • Risk assessments 101
  • Violence awareness
  • Defence tactics 101
  • Risk controls
  • Travel security
  • Medical emergencies
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Fire awareness 
  • Fire fighting
  • IT Security
  • Basic Responder-TM

Simulated Settings x 4 scenarios:

  • Classroom
  • Home
  • Suburban
  • Road
  • Public transport


Need more specific training for your family, group or workplace?..

Train with our team for custom solutions.

Time: After consult

Cost: POA


  • Custom engineered
  • Mapped for your internal and external standards requirements
  • Defined after structured consultations
  • Designed to compliment your teams capabilities
  •  Delivered on and off-site
  • supporting reports and paperwork options available

Simulated Settings:

Custom developed and articulated based off threat awareness, industry legal requirements and risk assessment matrix.