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Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety has changed and participating is not up for debate.

Over the last two decades workplace injuries and deaths significantly effected industry and society within Australia. The government took this as a matter of urgency and on January the first 2012 the new Workplace Health and Safety Act took effect. This Act (The Workplace Health and Safety Act of 2011) governs safe work practices by law and often mandates that a Person Conduction a Business or Undertaking (PCBU), MUST consult with relevent Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and directives in fulfilling any duties.

Understanding this Act, Standards and applicable best practices can often take a considerable amount of time and cost your organisation valuable resources. At Safe Response we specialise in understanding what is required from the ground up and can implement a best practice that not only suites your individual business or undertaking but compliments your business outcomes whilst awarding the highest level of protection/s available.

Our team members and consultants have decades of government and Emergency Management industry knowledge and experience which leaves you in safe hands. We have also developed packages that can ‘hand over’ the work to you, meaning you can manage the compliance yourself if you choose and our tailored online packages are designed to save you time and money.

At Safe Response we believe in safe people and places so our work in centred in allowing you to control and prevent unwanted situations lessening the impact on your people and business.

Safe Response works in conjunction with local councils and departments will provide you with safe, effective and affordable outcomes.
Our team is available Australia wide and we are committed to providing excellence to our clients.

Risk Management

We can assess and manage:

  • Building plans (under Emergency Management)
  • Deliver products and essential safety measures (Fire Extinguishers, First Aid Kits Etc.)
  • Routinely service your essential systems by using licensed and industry professionals
  • Submit council certificates and Fire Safety Statements
  • Construct Emergency Management Procedure Documents
  • Mark-up and install Evacuation Diagrams
  • Conduct monthly, bi-annual and yearly training depending on your individual needs and requirements
  • Test response plans and Emergency Response Teams (ERT’s)
  • Manage your Emergency Control Organisation and facilitate mandatory meetings
  • And much much more

It is proven that a safe workplace fosters a safe culture and improves your productivity whilst adding to your reputation in the community. No longer can businesses afford to simply take things to chance. Knowing the best possible solution to install and manage is what we specialise in and it’s something we are proud to deliver as industry leaders.

See below for examples of some workplace compliance packs for your business.

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